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What type of Ads work in Japan,  and what doesn’t?

We guide our customers through the many cultural nuances of the Japanese audience. By understanding the cultural uniqueness of Japan, our Ad campaigns convert better, resonate stronger with audiences, and bring a stronger ROI than ‘just running ads’. Here are a few tips we give to our Ad campaign customers:

Real writing - don’t use sloppy translations

Without a long-term plan, just ‘blasting’ press releases to media around the region will not work. We work with our customers to build comprehensive strategies that take a phased approach - initially researching which media to target (and which cities, countries) and then building a campaign to build relationships that last over time and bring results. This culminates in a documented strategy of the brand/product, a media list, and a realistic expectation of results before getting started.

Provide the right amount of information to Japanese customers

Not giving enough information: Non-Japanese brands may argue that too much info in an Ad is ‘clutter’ and ‘messy’ - however many Japanese people feel reassured when a brand gives them a lot of information about a product or service, and are suspicious when the design is too clean/minimal as it doesn’t give them enough information.

Don’t be too broad: Find the right Japanese community and audience

Find the right community, app, channel, site to advertise on-targeting a niche & loyal audience. We find that targeting too broadly across all of social media isn’t as good as finding a niche community. Often there are core & loyal communities that like to be ‘obsessed’ about an activity, no matter how small - eg fishing, pachinko, American BBQ sauces). Doing the research to find the authority sites and communities to advertise on can bring strong results.

Strategic localized Ads for Japan
Ad Design advice & editing
Ad account & channel setup
Campaign reporting
Daily Ad Campaign management 
& optimisation
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Some of the brands we are actively helping in digital marketing

We help LDH with digital marketing & PR across the South-East Asia region, driving key growth for their artists and releases in Asia
We help Sopexa Japon with digital advertising in the Japan market - with comprehensive ad channel planning, optimisation, and dashboard reporting
We help Amuse Japan with YouTube and social media advertising for multiple artists releases globally - driving initial awareness for their up & coming artist roster.

Finding the right Ad channel & network in Japan

We introduce customers to unique Japanese Ad networks and channels, based on industry and audience focus. Some of the channels we are experts on include:

LINE advertising

Japan’s defacto ‘super app’ - you’ll rarely find a Japanese person who doesn’t have LINE to chat, call, pay, and more. Our LINE Ads focus on detailed audience targeting and placements, ensuring that users on LINE see your ad in the right place either on their feed, a community or open chat, or a video feed.

SmartNews Advertising

A news app that is used by XX users in Japan, users often find new products or interesting ads to click on while scrolling their daily news. With a high usage time, SmartNews is recommended for a wide reach and for introducing new brands or products to a broad audience.

Yahoo News Japan Advertising

Outside of Japan, Yahoo is rarely seen as a strong ad channel, however in Japan it is the #xxx website that’s often used like a google ‘home page’, for relatively older audiences. With a high level of trust, these users often spend more time looking through a new product if it’s introduced as an interesting Ad.

Private DSP networks

From comic books, gaming, horse racing, and even Pachinko - we have close relationships with many private DSP ad networks, that offer us premium inventory and lower rates. These networks are perfect for niche industries that want to get in front of the right audience at the right time in Japan.

Typical Ad Campaign flow

A typical ad campaign will consist of these stages
  • Pre-campaign research & planning
  • Content & ad review
  • Ad campaign setup and testing
  • Ad campaign kick-off
  • Daily monitoring and optimisation 
  • Weekly update reports
  • End campaign Ad report

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