Social media management

Our priorities when it comes to social media management

It is easy for almost any agency or freelancer to offer ‘social media services’, which often just includes busy-work and handling daily tasks for customers. At Geezerbuild we take our 15+ years of experience handling every aspect of social media, to focus on larger strategic social media accounts and guiding our customers into expanding into new markets or territories.

Hyper-localisation is necessary for social media marketing in Japan & South East Asia

Audiences in each country require a country-specific social media strategy - which caters to their interests, online behaviors, and culture. It is no longer enough to just translate social media content across accounts or repost content - audiences require more authentic and engaging content & messages to keep their attention. 

We find with our customers that they have a ‘shotgun approach’ in posting on social media, which leaves audiences feeling like they cannot relate to the brand message or service/products. We guide our customers in learning deeply about the country, culture, and interests of the audience of each market, and catering a comprehensive social media strategy that is long term and impactful.

Working with local influencers, content creators, and real offline communities are essential tactics that we help our customers with.

We build lasting social media operations for our customers

We find that many agencies may pitch an exciting campaign with the aim to go ‘viral’ - however brands often lack a long-term strategy on social media, leading to interest fizzing out quickly after a campaign. We take a much longer term approach, often conducting audits and training sessions for our customers marketing team before even starting a campaign in order to define a long-term strategy. 

We find that social media accounts that consistently build their social media with a proper plan (content plans, 12 month strategies)  succeed and outlast their competition. Therefore we work closely with our customers to ensure they have a social media management structure in place at their organization, so that their brand grows even after our agency offboards from a campaign or account.

Connecting social media to real life behaviors

Often a brand can attain a large social media following, only to find no conversions/purchases or real world action from their followers. We try to cut through the hype to focus on the business objective of our customer, and we build communities and high engagement on social media based on the core objective.

To be truly ‘social’ we believe a follower online should also be a follower in real life, spreading information and interest about a customers brand or service to their real network of friends and communities. At Geezerbuild we aim to connect the social media behavior to real world behavior as we believe this is an essential part to success.

What Geezerbuild offers - Social media management services
Social media strategic planning
All tour planning & bookings (hotels, media rooms, food, transport coach, buses)
Content planning, scheduling and posting
Content ad boosting
Offers / campaigns management
Social media analytics & insight reports
Competitor benchmarking and analysis
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