Music Tour Management

Geezerbuild focuses on working with the best local partners

We find that many artists travel to another country, perform for a show, and promptly return back to their hotel or airport to fly out. They miss opportunities to grow their network and business opportunities for the next trip, and also find it difficult to work with local partners (due to language, cultural, and working style differences). At Geezerbuild we have over two decades of experience across South-East Asia in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines - which has allowed us to identify and work with the best local partners in each country. Working with local partners allows much more access to better deals, costs (such as transport), sponsorship conversations, and generally better operations on-ground.

Our music tours integrate marketing 
& business development

We assist our customers in making sure they reach a strong ROI on their tour, which requires long term strategy before execution. We involve our marketing & digital teams in tour planning, which enables our customers to ‘10x’ their tour activity. Examples include: Creating parallel ad & marketing campaigns during a tour, organising local content filming and influencer collaborations, pitching & conducting business meetings for future partnerships, and more. This combination of long-term thinking and a variety of on-ground activity during a tour enables our customers to quickly figure out their ‘next’ opportunity and tour on their first successful trip.

Music tours require flexibility 
& adaptability

With deep music industry experience, our team is used to the reality of tour management - it can get messy, itineraries get canceled, transport changes, among many other things that can go wrong. The key is adaptability - and our team at Geezerbuild has experience in constantly being able to adjust schedules and planning even at the last minute. 

Music Tour Management services
Pre-tour pitching (media & sponsors)
All tour planning & bookings (hotels, media rooms, food, transport coach, buses)
Artist Interview preparation and planning (mock interviews, language practice)
Artist Interview preparation and planning (mock interviews, language practice)
Interview management 
Japanese / English interpreter management
On-ground partner management 
Filming of content
Weekly client calls / updates / documentation / reporting
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