Media PR in 
South-East Asia

Who is it for, and what does Media PR include?

Our previous clients have included up and coming music artists, labels, netflix TV shows, and other media brands that are looking to expand either into - or out of Japan into new markets. By trusting our expert PR team, brands are able to gain wide media awareness and coverage for their artist and/or brand.

Media research and media strategy

Without a long-term plan, just ‘blasting’ press releases to media around the region will not work. We work with our customers to build comprehensive strategies that take a phased approach - initially researching which media to target (and which cities, countries) and then building a campaign to build relationships that last over time and bring results. This culminates in a documented strategy of the brand/product, a media list, and a realistic expectation of results before getting started.

Press & Media kit writing and preparation

Media in different markets have different expectations of content, outreach practices, and approach. We work with our customers to write press releases, media kits and introduction decks, and other content to reach out to media with. Priority media often require exclusive content: for example, we film shout-out messages to select media with celebrities/artists, or offer exclusive access to content and info for media. Overall, we ensure that the media receive all the content and information they need in an organised and timely manner.

Media Management 
and media training

We land article placements, as well as pitching and landing interviews with the media. Our team also manages media interviews, including: TV & Radio interviews, on-ground press conferences and media days, and recently online/zoom interviews for artists and media. Within interviews, we also often provide translators/interpreters, and importantly media training for artists to prepare for interviews.

Media PR services
Comprehensive tour planning and booking
Media PR planning, 
writing, distribution 
& mgmt.
Artist media preparation and planning 
Interview management
On-site management in local country
Japanese and English interpretation mgmt.
Weekly client calls, updates, documentation & reporting
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