Introducing new listeners to 'HOME' - Okinawa's rising group gaining international attention

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Garnering international and local attention across Japan, 'HOME' is an underground group that blends universal Pop, R&B, UK Indie all meshed together in an effortless style. As a group destined for more than their home town in Okinawa, AMUSE asked us to slowly build up momentum for their debut singles, by finding the right key audiences across Asia for their unique sound.


Far from being just 'ads' - we worked closely with the managers to dissect the groups possible audience, and optimised tageting across not only countries in South-East Asia but specific audience groups and similar sub-genres that could appeal to the groups listeners. As a group with a blend of many vibes and genres, we focused on brands, keywords, and 'vibes' that matches the groups style. We garnered over 200,000 views for HOME over a few months, setting the base for them to go on a mini-tour across South East Asia.

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