Driving Netflix streams for Nippon TV and HI-AX show 'PRINCE OF LEGEND'

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PRINCE OF LEGEND is a popular TV and Movie franchise in Japan. Due to the covid19 pandemic, their release into Sout-East Asia was delayed, much to the dismay of its fans. We were asked to drive high awareness and media interest / coverage from South-East Asia media outlets, with a focus on Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore. The overall KPI was direct streams of the show on Netflix


1.7 Billion impressions, over 30,000 direct netflix streams - The show consistently stayed on 'Trending Now' for regional Netflix homepages in Singapore, Malaysia, Indoneia. We were published in over x15 media articles and outlets, including multiple Q&A interviews. Our success was achieved by constant localisation of content - as we advised on user behaviour in each country, the type of subtitles each audience would require, and even which scenes would be more attractive based on the country's cultural norms.

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